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During the middle of the nineteenth century, Englishman Walter Hall came to Australia with only a few pounds in his pocket to seek his fortune in the gold rush. After a shaky start he became a very successful and wealthy businessman. Much of his wealth came from Queensland's Mt. Morgan gold mine. He also acquired substantial holdings in the booming pastoral industry and his entrepreneurial skills also extended to transport. He was one of the last owners of Cobb and Co, the horse-drawn coach line of Australian history and tradition. He died in 1911 aged 80 years.


Both Walter and his wife, Eliza, were active philanthropists during their life together. In the year following her husband's death Eliza set up a charitable trust with a donation of £1,000,000. It was named the Walter and Eliza Hall Trust.



Since then the Trust and the other parts of our group which evolved from it have helped many thousands of of Australians in their time of crisis. Many others have been helped to reach their full potential.

In addition to those individuals, many charitable organisations have been assisted by the Trust. One notable example is the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, which was established in 1915.


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