Our Mission
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The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust

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To make a better society by helping people who are disadvantaged.



  • Assist people with immediate funds to procure goods and services.
  • Assist students with physical disabilities to take advantage of educational opportunities.
  • Assist organisations who make a society-wide difference with the services they provide.
  • We aim to provide this assistance in a way that meets the needs, and, where possible, provide a pathway to sustainability.



  • Our grant making is non-discriminatory.
  • We are not judgmental about the causes of disadvantage.
  • We provide assistance in a way that maintains selfworth and freedom of choice and, where possible, provides a pathway to sustainability. 



  • To manage and grow the corpus of funds in a sustainable manner.
  • To operate a well-managed, efficient, accountable and sustainable organisation..
  • To develop our organisational capabilities in the areas of technology, staffing, communications and financial capacity.