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There are various ways for you to make a donation to help us to help those in need.


Online donations

To make a donation via credit card or PayPal click the Donate Now button below.




If you want to take a longer term view about assisting us you may wish to consider a bequest, which is a gift made in your will.

This can usually be done by adding a codicil to your existing will. However you should always consult your solicitor to ensure your wishes are properly expressed and documented.

A bequest can be for a specific amount of money, or of a particular asset, e.g. a house or an investment portfolio. The bequest can be made for a specific charitable purpose, or simply for charitable purposes at the discretion of the Trustees or Directors.

As a guide, the following is a general form of wording that can be used in your will, subject to consultation with your solicitor. It may need to be modified depending upon the nature and purpose of your bequest.

"I give devise and bequeath to The Walter and Eliza Hall Supplementary Trust, for its general purposes, free from all taxes and duties the sum of $xxxx. I direct that the receipt of any Trustee, Director or the Secretary for the time being of that Trust will be sufficient to my executors."

If you wish to discuss any aspect of making a bequest, please contact us on (02) 9264 9480 or email

Establish a fund in your own name

Where large amounts are donated or bequeathed there is the option of having the funds held and administered in your name or in memory of someone else. In this way the ultimate beneficiaries are informed of the original source of the assistance made available to them.

This is also a practical and simple option for anyone considering setting up their own stand-alone charity because it avoids all the legislative complexity and management time that would otherwise be involved.


Operating Costs

For the past 100 years we have set ourselves apart from most other charities by not making any deductions from donations for our operating costs. That means that 100% of donations have been passed on in full to the ultimate beneficiary.

We plan to continue that arrangement for all smaller donations made via our website or by mail, fax, or telephone.

Our operation is very lean and costs are kept to an absolute minimum, but inevitably there will be circumstances where we will need to recover some costs, and so for the larger donations and bequests involving setting up named funds, there may be a small fee. That fee would depend upon the size, nature, and purpose of the donation and would be by prior arrangement with the donor.


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