What We Do
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We provide financial assistance in the following ways:



Small Grants Program:

 This program provides financial assistance to individuals and families in our community who are experiencing financial crisis and relies upon donations to continue its work.

Financial assistance can be provided for almost any purpose considered necessary for the applicant’s health and wellbeing, but the Trust is positioned as a provider of last resort assistance. Even then, due to the high demand for our limited resources, we can help only where needs are desperate and assistance is necessary to maintain the minimum standards of safety, security, protection and comfort for the individual or family.


But even small amounts can make big differences to the lives of those in crisis.


Read some examples of what we do, or some testimonials from people we've helped.


The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust Opportunity Scholarship for Tertiary Students:

These Scholarships are funded out of Eliza Hall’s original legacy and the other capital of the Trusts, not from donations, but donations would be welcomed for this purpose also. These scholarships are administered by the University of Sydney, University of Queensland and Monash University. Please refer to University websites for details and application procedures.


Named Funds

povertyFor both of these long term supporters, and for others, we have established what we call “Named Funds” within our organisation. This means the money they have provided is held and managed separately in an individual named fund and is used for any particular charitable purposes the donor may choose to specify. If it is the wish of the donor the ultimate beneficiaries of these donations are told the source of the assistance provided to them. This facility is available to anyone who gives a donation of $10,000 or more.

Today, the Trust faces an ever-growing demand for its assistance, and while the resources emanating from Eliza’s original donation and some generous benefactors still enable the Trust to do much good work, it has been necessary to try to supplement these resources by seeking support from the general public.


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